In Response to “What’s the F-ing Point?”

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My Response

It is common for many students to take on a course-load that is greater they can handle, with multiple AP/honors classes. My AP Calculus teacher who I am a teacher assistant to make a guess as to how many students would drop out after realizing they could not handle the workload, and despite teaching for over two decades he still underestimates the amount each year.

I myself am no exception to taking AP classes that I am either not prepared to or uninterested in taking. Now, taking these courses is not the issue. Academic rigor can build skills like hard work, resilience, and overall challenge one’s intelligence, but when the price many students are paying is their mental and physical health, it is time to reflect on our choices.

Being purposeless in itself is a privilege. And it is important to analyze what has allowed us to maintain a sense of purposeless for so long.

Mr. Worldwide said at his concert last week something along the lines of:” I ain’t been a follower. Be unique. Be different. Take that risk. Live it up.”

This perspective is far more cynical than the reality of the situation. At the end of the day, I do not doubt that my class of graduating students will leave an impact on this world because I know that some of us already are. Although it may not be through our profession, we will create positive change and leave behind a legacy.

Or as I put it: do crazy sh*t.

My Story

Why Should You Care?



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