In Response to “What’s the F-ing Point?”

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My Response

Quick disclaimer: Sajiv and I have talked about most of these ideas at great lengths already, so none of my responses are really raw reactions to his writing. Moreover, I don’t really disagree with a lot of what he has to say, as we came up with a lot of these thoughts together. This section of the article will be a line-by-line response on the parts that I disagree with as well as filling in holes on ideas that I think he missed.

My Story

In the rest of the article, I want to talk about what I think my purpose in this world is and what it took for me to find that purpose.

Why Should You Care?

This article is targeted towards people like me who are wealthy and have time on their hands. We simply don’t deserve to be comfortable. We will have lived 18 years of our life with the only worries we ever face being first-world problems. Let’s stop telling ourselves that we are ridden with problems and need to fix our own community. Of course, there are issues in our community that need to be addressed, but let’s look towards bigger problems and make a real impact instead of just satisfying ourselves over the small problems we have fixed.



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Ayaan Haque

Ayaan Haque

Learning about learning — EECS @ UC Berkeley— — Writer for Towards Data Science